IOM Britpop!


Robot Yachts BritPop  General Specification

The Robot Yachts Britpop has been developed in collaboration with Designer Brad Gibson to replicate as closely as possible his originals that finished 1st, 2nd and 3rd in the 2011 World Championship.  Since the 2011 West Kirby World Championship, Brad has tested and sailed 2 early production Robot Yachts built BritPOPs and the design, in the hands of Brad and others has continued its dominance of events throughout 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014.  The Robot Yachts production models continue to demonstrate performance  comparable to the originals in every way.   BG has written a basic Rigging Guide  which can be provided with each boat.  We are learning all the time with this boat and there is plenty of detail available to help you extract the maximum from your BritPOP 




Robot Yachts BritPOP hull/deck moulding is laid up by hand in 2 vertically split moulds joined, almost invisibly, about the centre line.

Accurate hull/deck moulds have been engineered from CNC machined plugs.

The hull/deck finish is produced by spray gel in mould coating (reducing gelcoat weight by approx. half compared with brushed gel)

Hull/Deck laminate comprises top quality glass typically 3 layers (80gE-glass + 120gS2-glass + 200gS2-glass)  with SP115 epoxy 


Carbon Foils:- 

  • Fin - carbon/epoxy/foam with tapered profile and plain carbon finish.
  • Rudder - carbon/epoxy/foam thin section with plain carbon finish.

Standard hulls supplied complete and finished to deck level with servo tray and winch fixings, essential deck fittings, fin fitted with finished lead and rudder, (all ready for installation of radio gear and rigs).

Standard fit-out includes:- 

  • Slim Shroud attachment eyes
  • Backstay attachment eye bolt with "quick change" cut out
  • Jib attachment eyebolts for each rig
  • Jib fairlead loops (offset)
  • Ball Raced blocks for mainsheet pulley and single deck block at stern for winch line
  • Radio/battery pot
  • Mainsheet post with adjustable insert
  • Adjustable mast ram
  • Rudder push rod and steering arm
  • Silicon or foam bow bumper
  • Set of Britpop decals

Winch mount in front of the mast with generous foredeck access hatch (matching glass hatch cover provided) and winch line tubes fitted through the bulkhead to guide the winch lines towards the drum.

Servo tray in epoxy/glass with captive fastenings for standard servos 

Hull and deck provided in single colour.  See colour chart in the Robot Yachts website gallery for current colour range or ask for separate details.


2015 guide price for this specification in standard colours, to include design royalty - £1,295.00 gbp plus packing & shipping.


Note: Robot Yachts reserves the right to vary  prices, without notice, so please contact us for current price, availablity and delivery costs to your location.



 P1040239 DSC04598 
 britpop assembly2 DSC04738